New Microwave Cover Passed BPA Free by Independent Lab

Monika’s Marketplace top selling product, a new microwave cover, has been certified to be free of Bisphenol A (BPA) by an independent lab.

( — March 30, 2015) Sanford, FL — This certification means that the product contains no traces of the chemical, which is used in a number of common houseware items and has been found to carry a number of health risks.

The testing was carried out by Applied Technical Services, Inc., a private company that provides independent lab testing among other services. The analysis of the product samples involved a process to detect at least a trace level of 100 parts per trillion/Kg. However after testing by a certified chemist, the product was passed fully BPA free, with none or less than 100 parts per trillion of the chemical being found. This means that the microwave cover can be used safely to heat food without the risk of BPA contaminating the contents.

With the FDA and EPA leading the calls for safer alternative substances being used to replace BPA in the making of many containers, the BPA-free microwave cover is seen as a safe kitchen utensil. “Because this cover was BPA free, I chucked the one I was using because the packaging never mentioned the BPA issue. This cover accommodates just about any dish because of its height and you may control the venting. It’s a quality cover,” said Norsky in a verified Amazon review.

Many other customers have expressed similar sentiments and have been providing positive feedback about the product’s other features and benefits. It has been hailed for its size that accommodates standard dinner plates up to 10.5 inches, its high dome design and the adjustable steam vent, which allows for proper heating.

The microwave cover from Monika’s Marketplace is currently available on Amazon. Shoppers seeking a safe, suitable microwave cover that does not contain BPA may consider the product which currently is being sold at 35% less than its list price.

About Top BPA Free

TopBPAFree is a company that prides itself in high quality, practical, and affordable products for the home. Their microwave cover can be found on sold through Monika’s Markeplace.