Cookware Microwave Cover Designed With Vented Steam Release For Safety

Monika’s Marketplace Vented Microwave Cover is a fairly new product that has been released for online shoppers on Amazon.
Microwave Cover

Microwave Cover

( — August 5, 2015) Sanford, FL — Monika’s Marketplace announced that their cookware microwave cover is specially design with a vented steam release to allow heat to escape the cover when warming up in the microwave. This has proven to be a great safety feature in comparison to other microwave covers without steam release.

According to Monika’s Marketplace, the ability for steam to release during the warming process is critical for safety when it comes to removing the microwave cover after the warming process. The steam release allows for steam to escape and therefore reduces the chances of someone taking off the cover and the built up steam releasing in their face.

In addition, this dome-shaped cookware microwave cover is the best addition to the kitchen for keeping food warm during and after microwave cooking. They announce that although the covers are designed to be used in the microwave they can also be used outside of the microwave.  By closing the steam vent, the company stated, food can remain hot for a longer time and remains tantalizing to eat. They also mentioned that the time spent to prepare food can now be dramatically reduced.

This particular microwave cover features dimensions of 10.5 inches in diameter and 3.5 inches in height.  According to Monika’s Marketplace the design of their microwave cover makes it ideal for preventing foods from touching the cover. They believe that these dimensions allow the microwave cover to fit over standard dinner plates and in most microwaves without much hassle.

One satisfied Amazon customer, Hilary, commented, “This is the best microwave cover, and I’ve had a few. The steam release vent is perfect to let the steam out when warming up in the microwave and to keep food warm after you warm it up. Genius!”

Monika’s Marketplace highlighted that their cookware microwave cover was also designed to keep the microwave oven clean and to eliminate the possibility of food splatters.  A spokesperson at the company commented, “For users, our cookware microwave cover come as a convenient addition to the kitchen; a cheaper and efficient alternative to paper towels, plates and other makeshift microwave covers. In addition, our steam release vent is a great safety feature.”


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