BPA Free Microwave Cover Better Alternative to Plastic Wrap

splatter image 2April 1, 2015 – Sanford, FL – In the absence of a microwave cover, people may use clear plastic wrap and paper towels to cover their food while it is being heated in the microwave. The BPA Free microwave cover from Monika’s Marketplace is considered to be a safer and more cost effective alternative.

Designed to fit standard dinner plates up to 10.5 inches, the product features a high dome top that prevents contact with food and splattering. It also has an adjustable steam vent that allows for easy steam release and helps to keep food warmer for longer after being heated. On top of that, it is reusable, a distinct advantage over using plastic wrap and paper towels, which have to be discarded each time, resulting in extra spending to replace them.

It is made from lab-tested, BPA free plastic that is seen as a safer material than clear plastic wraps and -paper towel. BPA has been shown to cause medical problems in humans and the FDA has recommended that companies find safer alternatives to use in the making of containers. Clear plastic wraps often contain the dangerous chemical, which can leach into foods, while paper towels may contain other chemicals which can also contaminate food heated in the microwave. Additionally, the splatter cover is more efficient in preventing spills and splatters when compared to plastic wrap and paper, which are both flimsy.

Since being released online, a number of customers have expressed satisfaction with using the microwave cover from Monika’s Marketplace. “I love this thing 🙂 I have wanted one for a long time so that I can save on using paper towels or plastic wrap for covering the food in microwave…this is such a great solution and easy to clean. Love the steam option…I bought one for my sister,” said TL, a satisfied Amazon reviewer of the microwave cover.

Shoppers seeking to save money usually spent on buying rolls of plastic wrap or paper towels may consider the BPA free splatter cover from Monika’s Marketplace, which safer and more cost efficient. It is currently available on Amazon.